At last!! after procrastinating for months, I have decided to port my ghost blog to hugo for good. It was NOT a painful process, just had some formatting/errors which I fixed (hopefully)
The major reasons for this port was -

  • No worries of maintainance
    Well to be honest I was annoyed of running a full blown site wiht DB support just for a bunch of trash musings I publish occasionally.Setting up your own nginx server was a good experience but well this does the same work
  • Save $$
    Instead of Paying $5-$10 a month for hosting I could buy myself a doubleshot pumpkin spice latte with gluten free soymilk topped with a sprinkling of pixie dust
  • Ghost wasn’t ZEN enough
    THe main reason to start my blog in ghost was because it was the most lightweight out of the other monstrosities out there, I was wrong …github pages + a nice theme + markdown is enough for a long time.

If anyone ever wants to port their ghost blog to hugo have a look at this. I am hoping to get a bunch of writing done with markdown in the coming weeks hopefully